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au International Calling FLAT

International Phone Service Lineup

Recommended services

You can also choose from a Wide Variety of International Phone Services!

International calls from Japan

  • Up to 50% discount on international calls! Myline or Myline Plus
  • International calls with low-cost phone service! au HIKARI phone service/Home-plus phone/Cable-plus phone/Cable-plus Hikari phone/Cable-plus Home phone/au collective Line
  • Easy international calls via IP-phones KDDI IP-phone
  • Call overseas from public phones on the street! Direct-dial calls from public phones
  • Helpful operator assistance Operator-assisted international calls
  • Effortless international calls with a credit card Credit calls

International calls from overseas

  • Effortless international calls with a credit card KDDI Super Japan Direct
  • Helpful operator assistance KDDI Japan Direct
  • For au users! au World Service

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