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001 Kokusai Mobile Talk

Even NTT DOCOMO, SoftBank Mobile, !mobile users can take advantage of discount international call rates via free registration.

¡üKDDI will terminate the service on 31 March 2022.
The last date of NEW registration is 31 March 2021.

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telephone services

  • How to Call
  • Rates
  • How to Apply

Applications and Inquiries

Due to the large amount of application, your registration may take more time to be completed.

FC0077-7160 (Toll-free — 9:00-20:00 (available Sat, Sun, and holidays as well))
Can be accessed from fixed, mobile and PHS phones.

Confirmation before applying for 001 Kokusai Mobile Talk

About 001 Kokusai Mobile Talk   * Please be sure to read the following

  • The same fees apply for mobile and PHS phones.
  • The billing statement for usage of this service may be sent separately from those for usage of other KDDI services such as “0077 Domestic Calls,” “001 International Calls,” “Internet au one net,” etc.
  • If you are already using other KDDI discount services, you may not be allowed to use this service before the end of the terms of such services.
  • Please note that If you are changing to this service mid-month from a KDDI discount service that charges a fixed fee, you may be charged for a full month’s fixed fee for that month.
  • In the case of temporary stoppage, cancellation, or change of name in the contract with your mobile telephone company, please notify KDDI as this contract will be cancelled as well.
  • This service can be used by mobile and PHS phones of various companies (au, NTT DOCOMO, SoftBank Mobile, Y!mobile), except for the cases listed below.*
    It is necessary for users of mobile and PHS phones, other than users of au mobile phones, to submit an application before using this service.
    * The service cannot be used from the following mobile and PHS phones.
    • Prepaid mobile phones other than au
      The International Call can be used with the au prepaid service but the calling charges are different.
      Click here for details.(New Window)
    • The NTT DoCoMo satellite maritime mobile (public) phones
    • Handsets registered with the Y!mobile Restricted Callers Service
    • Calls from the B Mode of the Double Number service of SoftBank Mobile
    • Forwarding a received call using the SoftBank Mobile Call Forwarding service

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