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Credit Calls

You can use your credit card to call overseas from Japan or make international calls from overseas hotel rooms and public phones. It's economical too, since you're charged per 6 seconds.

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We terminated this service at 11:59 a.m. Japan time on February 28th, 2019.

Rates from Japan

How to call from Japan

How to Call

0055 - [Tone] - Card Number # - PIN # - Country Code - Telephone Number - #

Country Code
  • If the overseas telephone number you wish to call begins with 0, do not include the 0 when dialing. (There may be some exceptions.)
  • Service may be unavailable depending on overseas facilities or for some mobile phones.
  • Service may be unavailable depending on satellite terminal/equipment conditions.
  • Advance registration required for use of 001 international calling from mobile phones.
  • Not available for use from PHS phone.

The following credits cards are accepted.

The following credit cards are accepted.

  • 1) Only cards issued by VISA Japan and the Omni Group can be used.
  • 2) Corporate cards cannot be used.
  • 3) Cards issued overseas can also be used.
  • 4) Only international cards can be used.
  • 5) Company and corporate cards cannot be used.
  • *Only credit cards issued by the credit card companies shown above can be used (in some cases affiliated cards cannot be used).
  • *If you decide to pay by credit card, please be careful not to let anyone else hear or see your credit card number.
  • *Your identification number (PIN #) will be required if you use your credit card, so don't forget to memorize it or bring it along.

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