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KDDI Global Direct

Japanese-issued credit cards can be used to make calls from more than 40 overseas regions to other countries outside of Japan or to make domestic calls within foreign countries.

For other international
telephone services

We terminated credit calls at 11:59 a.m. Japan time on February 28th, 2019.


The rate for a call from country X to country Y is equal to 60% of the rate for a call from country X to Japan plus 60% of the rate for a call from Japan to country Y. (All rates are rounded down to the nearest yen.)

How to Call from One Foreign Country to Another

Access Number (KDDI Global Direct) - Card Number # - Identification Number # - 001 - Country Code - Telephone Number #

Access Number (KDDI Global Direct)Country Code
  • The KDDI Global Direct number is the same as the KDDI Super Japan Direct number.
  • When calling from a hotel room, first dial an outside line.
  • You may be charged a fee by your hotel for making a call from your room.
  • Calls from public telephones, hotel rooms, or mobile phones may not be available in some areas.
  • When calling from a mobile phone, domestic call charges from local mobile phone companies may be added.

The following cards are accepted.

You can use your credit card to call Japan from overseas.

The following credit cards are accepted.

  • 1) Only cards issued by VISA Japan and the Omni Group can be used.
  • 2) Corporate cards cannot be used.
  • 3) Cards issued overseas can also be used.
  • 4) Only international cards can be used.
  • 5) Company and corporate cards cannot be used.
  • *Only credit cards issued by the credit card companies shown above can be used (in some cases affiliated cards cannot be used).
  • *If you decide to pay by credit card, please be careful not to let anyone else hear or see your credit card number.
  • *Your identification number (PIN #) will be required if you use your credit card, so don't forget to memorize it or bring it along.

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