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For international calls to Brazil, Peru, China, Russia, and other countries from Japan! 0055 GoGo Card

Prepaid card for international phone calls from Japan. You can make phone calls immediately after purchasing the card. Available at convenience stores.

¡üKDDI will terminate this service on or after 31 October 2021(Japan time).
¡üKDDI will terminate sales of the card on or after 31 March 2021.

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How to Purchase

Convenience stores* in Japan

0055 GoGo Cards are available from the following convenience stores*

Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, LAWSON, MINISTOP

* KDDI Super World Cards are not available in some of these retailers and shops.
* You can purchase a card from in-store multimedia terminals.

About 0055 GoGo Card (Card Number)

When purchasing a card at participating convenience store 
When you purchase a card at participating convenience store, you will receive a written record of the card number.

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