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KDDI IP-phone

The KDDI IP-phone service lets you use the Internet for voice transmissions. Cheap calling rates — when calling other KDDI IP-phone subscribers — make this an attractive service.

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Rates from Japan

Call other KDDI IP-phone subscribers for free! Uniform rate system for domestic calls as well!

With conventional phone systems, the further away you call, the more you have to pay. But phone calls between IP phone subscribers are free, and uniform rates apply in Japan when calling regular subscriber telephones from IP phones. If you often call people who live far away, this is by far the best plan for you!

Uniform Rate System Nationwide for calling NTT Subscriber Phones from IP Phones (AC)IP phone to IP phone (A⇔B)
When calling subscribers to the same service, you only pay the IP phone basic fee and Internet usage fee.

Now international calls are even cheaper

Join KDDI's IP-phone service to enjoy cheap international per-minute calling rates. For example, you can call the US ( mainland ) at any time of the day for only ¥9 per minute!

KDDI IP-phone (050 Number Service)   
The same rate 24 hours a day! For example, call the US ( mainland ) for ¥9 / minute 
∗ International calls are exempt from taxation.

How to call from Japan

(001)-010-[Country Code]-[Telephone Number]

Country Code

Search Country Code

  • If the overseas telephone number you wish to call begins with 0, do not include the 0 when dialing. (There may be some exceptions.)
  • Service may be unavailable depending on overseas facilities.
  • Service may be unavailable depending on satellite terminal/equipment conditions.
  • You do not need to dial the numbers in parentheses.

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