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KDDI Super World Card usable both in Japan and overseas!

  • From Japan to Overseas
  • From Overseas to Japan
  • From Japan to Japan
  • From Overseas to Overseas

Domestic calls

0055(toll free) orPlease dial

After confirming the dial tone(Beep,beepc),

Card Number 81#XXX¥¥¥¥¥XX#
* If you enter the wrong number, please press "*" , and re-enter the number after "81#".

"Guidance" tells you the card credit balance.

Telephone NumberiArea CodeiStarting with 0j{ Phone Number j@⇒@#

After "Guidance" tells you the maximum possible call length, your call is connected.

The telephone service company providing your line (the phone network or the telephone modem device installed on your premises, etc.) may place restrictions on dialing to an 0800 number. Please ask the telephone service company providing your line whether or not you are able to use an 0800 number.
  • Please use from a push-button phone.
  • Pink public phones and IP phones ( numbers starting with 050 ) will not accept this card.
  • When using a green public phone, please insert a coin first before entering numbers. The coin will be returned after the call.
  • Charges for domestic calls include applicable taxes.

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