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KDDI Super World Card usable both in Japan and overseas!

  • From Japan to Overseas
  • From Overseas to Japan
  • From Japan to Japan
  • From Overseas to Overseas

From overseas to the countries except Japan / Local calls ( within overseas )

Access Number (KDDI Super Japan Direct)


Card Number 81#XXX・・・・・XX#
* If you enter the wrong number, please press "*" , and re-enter the number after "81#".

”Guidance” tells you the card credit balance.

001 ⇒ Country Code ⇒ Area Code(Omit the first 0) ⇒  Phone Number #
* You can make local calls in each country with dialing its county code. ( There may be some exception)

Country Code

After "Guidance" tells you the maximum possible call length, your call is connected.

Search Access Number

  • When calling from a hotel room, first dial an outside line.
  • You may be charged a fee by your hotel for making a call from your room.
  • Calls from public telephones, hotel rooms, or mobile phones may not be available in some areas.
  • When calling from a mobile phone, domestic call charges from local mobile phone companies may be added.
  • When calling from a rental mobile phone, separate call charges from your rental company may be billed so please check with your rental company before using the service.

[Notes for using KDDI Super Japan Direct]
When using KDDI Super Japan Direct from some overseas public phones, your call may be automatically connected to another company's services. After you enter your Access Number, a recorded message from KDDI Super Japan Direct will say "This is KDDI. Please enter your card number, followed by the pound sign." Be certain you have heard this message before proceeding.To make inquiries from overseas, dial the KDDI Japan Direct Access Number.

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